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[Limited Quantity] Natural Pink Diamond (No Sole) 2nd

[Limited Quantity] Natural Pink Diamond (No Sole) 2nd

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Resale decision 💝

[Limited quantity] 0.01ct~0.06ct natural pink diamond

The other day, staff No. 1, who was ignited by the "Pink Diamond Sold Out" sold, found even more wonderful girls 💎✨

For a more wonderful child, the amount has increased from the last time...

But! ! I decided to resell it to deliver the thoughts of the staff who desperately searched for it.

This time too, the child is included!
There are only a few that can fit on your finger, so hurry up...! !

*This is a random delivery product. I can't wait to see which one will arrive ✨
* No purchase limit (however, stock is limited)
*This is a natural stone and has been checked by a diamond tester.
*Since it is a bundled product, it is difficult to post photos of all products, and there may be scratches, chips, or inclusions that cannot be identified on the posted photos.
Please purchase after understanding.





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